Who We Are:

Michael Castain, Principal

A true leader, Mike is currently a Captain in the San Francisco Fire Department with over 19 years of service. He has also been an entrepreneur and Co-Managing Partner of several small businesses for over 20 years. He is invested in over 1,700 multifamily units, has managed several rehab projects and is the president of a homeowners association. This serial entrepreneur has also provided leadership and management oversight for outpatient sports and occupational medicine programs for a district hospital system.


What We Do and Why:

We acquire, improve and enhance multifamily real estate assets located in growth markets while helping others earn passive income and become financially free so that we can improve communities and provide affordable and safe housing for working class families.

How We Work With You:

If you aren’t already on our prospective investor contact list, you are welcome to join us and be the first to know when we have exciting and profitable investment opportunities available.

And if you are ready to find out more about our investment program, I invite you to contact me directly, and I will be happy to show you exactly how it works, either in person, by phone, or video conference.

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